A Short Introduction

Hey there!

Hi I’m Eva-Willow

I am a professional dreadlock artist, a mom of 3 feral pink fairy hooligans as well as some fury, feathered and scaled non-human creatures.

I am passionate about my close family, wildlife and all animal life, natural medicine, plant-based living, self improvement, positive discipline through nurturing and of course, dreadlocks.

If you’d like to learn some more about my personal journey – please go here.

Thanks for visiting!

About Me

Hi . . . . Im Eva-Willow. A professional Dreadlock Artist.

My absolute favourite thing is spending time with my absolutely gorgeous pink fairy hooligans, non-human creatures, out in nature on a forest floor, with my feet in a river or staring at mountains and the moon.

When home and work doesn’t take up my time, I love singing, animal rescue, beautify our temple over here in The Land of Freedom, soulful adventure, spontaneous wild fun, plant based living and leading a free, healthy and (in pursuit of a) more organized life!