Bookings – Terms & Conditions

Booking Information

Creation of Dreadlocks, Maintenance and Correction:

To make a booking, an hour’s labour rate is required upfront as deposit. On the day we work on your hair, this amount comes off your total amount and the balance is due after completion on the same day.

If we are dealing with a no-show or non-emergency cancellation less than 24 hours before the time, the deposit is non refundable. To make a new appointment after that, another deposit would be required. The appointment can however be changed to a different date and time no problem.

Human Hair Dread Extensions:

Upfront payment would include the cost of the human hair + the cost to lock it as per your quotation provided.

Once I am done locking the human hair we purchased for your extension – we will be making an appointment for installation.

As your quotation will also state – NO, INSTALLING THE EXTENSIONS IS NOT FREE  (one would imagine that this would be needless to say, but yet some expect it to be for mahala)

Installing human hair is very labour intensive so I prefer to keep such appointments to a maximum of 5 hours each so I can assure you that I’m still offering you my best work. When my hands get too tired, I become less satisfied with what I do so bare with me. Should you be travelling from somewhere outside the area the studio is in, please take into account that accommodation might be needed.

Before any dreadlock extensions are installed, I require the labour on installation for that appointment settled upfront.  It is to protect myself against tsotsis who don’t pay or suddenly want a payment plan after I have put all the effort in. I have bills to cover, children and creatures to feed. What I offer is a highly skillful and specialized service which I take great pride in, so no can do. Sorry neh?

That bartering thing ….

Another thing I get asked from time to time, if I will “barter with weed”. No dear. Firstly the value of weed vs the monetary value of the work that needs to be done – how much weed are we talking about? You want to give me some sheisse with sticks and pips? I don’t smoke weed. Also, I cannot pay my bills with weed. Neither my landlord nor the school teachers partakes of the holy herb, it doesn’t fix my gypsy koets and it doesn’t make Eskom do its thing. So, no. Just. No.

“Can I get discount?”

I find that there is a general idea some people have about artists. People try their luck, the cheapskate chancers that they are.

After doing this for some years now – my client base has grown to national as well as international clients. With a big smile I can say, I don’t have to entertain this 😊 – especially not from people who have money for weed, alcohol, cigarettes, a very fancy vehicle, lovely tattoos, living the good life gallivanting all over or a pilots license… 😉

Dreadlocks are very labour intensive to a loctitian or dreadlock artist and the service is specialised. It is not cheap. Then again, its not cheap to walk into a salon having your hair coloured, highlighted and cut either. A relatively small amount of time is spent there and the bill comes to some exorbitant amount – nobody ever expects the favour of a discount do they? Who is that cheeky?

Not that I have to explain, but here’s part of why… I am a dreadlock artist. I have spent literally years developing my skill to be able to do what I do. I have worked hard to get myself this far. I have stabbed myself countless times, I have had crochet needles stuck under my finger nails, I have bled. After a few hours of dread work, my fingers often have cuts. My feet and body aches. I use natural supplements for joint support which has a cost. I too have a family to support.

No, you cannot have a discount … My work is worth more than that. I am worth more than that. I suggest saving up, especially for human hair extensions – the same way we save up for many other things.

I give you my skill and my time so you can walk out with a magnificent work of art, in return, I need to make sure that I am not taken advantage of.

Thank you darlings !

Se la vie!