Dreadlock Extensions With Human Hair

All of my clients say the same thing – that they have been wanting dreadlocks for many years. Not everyone wants to wait for more time to pass before they have a magnificent mane, skillfully manicured over time. That is just what human hair extensions are for. Perfectly matched and beautifully made for years to come.

“So when will my hair look like dreadlocks”? This is one of those frequently asked questions I get quite often. Well the answer remains – straight away.

How is it done?

  • We start out with a quick meet up. You can come over to come see me briefly so I can see how thick your hair is, to know how much hair we would need to purchase. Not too much, not too little.
  • If a quick pop in is not possible – I will ask you to send me images of what your hair looks like to see length / colour / thickness and texture. Most of my human hair dreadlock extension work has been done by starting out with images only. Most of my clients travel from far away so this is pretty normal.
  • Decide how long you’d like your hair to be, where you’d like the tips of your extensions to reach. Keep in mind though, dreadlocks tend to grow faster than unlocked hair.
  • We figure what your colour goals are. If you intend to go lighter at your roots, we match the colour of the locks we install so that the extended hair don’t have to go through more treatment, avoiding unnecessary cost and damage.
  • We match texture, any wave or curliness – and then order your hair from my suppliers
  • All hair bundles are imported and take approximately 2 weeks to arrive. I know and trust the quality my suppliers offer and South Africa doesn’t have the wide range I need to pick from.
  • After the hair bundles have been delivered to me I start working magic into them and lock, lock, lock! Give me a few days to turn them into something amazing. Soon-soon your hair is ready for installation – or I ship your beauties off to you – where ever you may find yourself in the world, far far away, anywhere away from here 😉

Examples of my work:

The lovely Inge . . fairy woman all the way from Rawsonville . . .

Some more . . .

Natasja (image top left) was a unique case. If you look closely you’ll see she had what is called “i-tip” human hair extensions fasted into her own hair which was very short at the time. I very carefully created dreadlocks from that, back combing and crocheting super gently to not pull any out. Once there was a bit of a base to work with, short baby dreadies if you may, I started adding the dreadlock extensions I prepared for her. Since then her hair has grown beautifully and we still do maintenance as and when needed . . .

Zuzanka’s lock journey . . .

Jewelz’s beautiful locks . . .

As you may have noticed, I dont have terribly many examples of African hair on my website as I mostly work with causation type hair – but oh what a delight it was doing this project. I absolutely LOVE c-type hair. Jewelz contacted me way back when she had very short hair. I asked the usual questions and prepared a quote for her. We got her hair and prepared her locks so long and soon after her locks where installed. I am super proud, so pretty this one xx

Extending existing dreadlocks:

Dreadlock extensions can be added in your own hair, regardless if its locked or not – and yes, even dreadlock extensions can be extended . . . There’s just about no limit as to what one can do with this . . .

The outcome . . .

BUT! There is a “but” and the “but” is super important . . .

The secret is that the human hair being used should be of great quality – and even more importantly – no sloppy dreadlock work whatsoever. With bad quality hair, you’ll experience weak spots and breakage and an overall not-so-great look. With terrible dreadlock work comes major nightmares, unhappiness and forking out more and more money to try save something that should have been done properly from the start. To know what you want to get, also familiarise yourself with what you definitely do not want here and here. Save yourself tears and lots of money and please learn the difference before you start.


Handle them respectfully, as all hair should be treated. Wash regularly. No tugging. No tying hair up in tight ways with dreadlocks.

Most human hair that is made into weaves, wigs, microbonded tips etc originate from countries where there isn’t a soul who’s any shade of blonde, fiery red or lighter brown. They are all dark headed gorgeous ones from Brazil or Eastern countries. The large variety of shades that are available in straight / wavy /curly / frizzy are all bleached, coloured and treated to become what we can pick from. So since the hair was chemically treated – look after them extra well.

I advise to not slip up with keeping them well moisturised and cared for – this would make them look great and keep them healthy and strong for years to come.

Before I would quote you on dreadlock extensions, we first establish what your goals are when it comes to colour. Its best to start out with exactly the shade you want instead of doing all sorts of things with them afterwards which would involve more chemicals.

I very strongly suggest to NOT bleach your dreadlocks. Just. Don’t. . . . If you insist however, be extra picky with which hairdresser you use. (No, this is not a service I offer my darling)

“How about my own dreads that were cut off”?

Yes . . . I can put dreadlocks that has previously been cut off, back into your hair – providing they are still in good enough condition.

For any enquiries or quotes – head over to Request a Quote

Much love – Eva